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Systems and control
1. Manufacturing systems
What is quick response manufacturing?
QRM turns a company into one that responds to actual customer demand rather than planning for an expected
demand that may or may not happen.

What concepts does it involve?
Total quality management, just-in-time and manufacturing cells. Its main…

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What is routing flexibility?
It involves the ability to use several machines at the same time to perform the same operation on a part thus
increasing the speed of production. Also, these systems can readily adapt to changes in the production such as
volume or size.

What are the advantages…

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Improved control due to efficient management systems that assure everyone is working from the most
current data.

What are enterprise resource planning systems?
They attempt to combine all the software and data from various departments into one system that all can use.

What are 2 advantages of ERP systems?

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It restricts the supply of materials and components until they are needed, which provides an effective JIT

What is Kaisen?
Knows as continuous improvement, where small changes are made to the production process resulting in small
improvements being made.

Why is it often carried out on a regular basis?…

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How does it work?
Within CIM, the transportation of materials and components to the required points is controlled by a computer. All
stocks of materials and components are stored in racking systems. The ASRS systems will select the correct
component from the rack, retrieve it by means of a crane…

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What is A.I?
A machine with artificial intelligence, it exhibits human intelligence and behaviour and can demonstrate the ability to
learn and adapt through experience.

What have scientist struggled to do with robots?
They have struggled to get robots to carry put simple cognitive tasks.

Why are expert systems called…


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