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A2 Product Design Revision…read more

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Electronic Data Interchange
Integrated Service Digital Networks and Broadband
Local Area Network (LANs)
Global Networks (Internet)
Videoconferencing…read more

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It has proved invaluable in rapid communications between designers, manufacturers, retailers
and consumers due to its ease and universal use, with Internet connections.
ICT has proved the reach and range of electronic communications (level of communications
across a network and types of transfer available).
Email is the simplest form of electronic communication and has a fairly low level of reach and a
range, when it is used, for messaging or transferring documents.
It replaced the postal system.…read more

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Email Continued
Advantages Disadvantages
·Quick, easy and convenient means of ·Impersonal and some messages can be
communicating around the world misinterpreted
·Widespread usage (anyone with access ·Influx of messages to inbox increases
to the Internet) time to read and respond
·Email exchanges can be saved as a ·`Spamming' of unsolicited commercial
dated record correspondence emails, often with inappropriate content
·Documents can easily be attached ·Privacy and security issues as messages
electronically and can be saved and can be intercepted and read
edited easily ·Limitations on size of attachments
·Systems can crash and files lost…read more

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Electronic Data Interchange
Communicate CAD worldwide
Fast, inexpensive and secure system of sending purchase order, invoices, design and manufacturing data etc.
Electronic data interchange is a new way for companies to do `paperless' business using a process that
transfers business documents through a computer network rather than post.
Used to transmit financial information and payment in electronic form
Starts with a trading agreement between partner and company.
To send a document: electronic data interchange software is used to convert the document format into the
agreed standard into an envelope.…read more

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Electronic Data Interchange Continued
Advantages Disadvantages
· Saves money by eliminating the need · Incompatibility with some
for processing paper documents companies due to range of standard
· Saves time as information is document formats
transferred digitally · Standards are updated regularly,
· Improves customer service as which causes problems with
business documents are transferred different versions in use
quickly with fewer errors · Expensive to set up
· Expands customer base due to the · Limits trading to only companies
improved customer service through with electronic data interchange
efficient electronic data interchange software.
processes…read more

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