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Industrial and Commercial
Processes…read more

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Injection Moulding
Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for
forming metal or plastic objects. It is done by heating
the material and then moulding it.
There are five main stages to injection moulding:
clamping, injecting, dwelling, cooling and cleaning.…read more

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Injection Moulding: The Process
In the first stage, the mould gets clamped into the
clamping unit, one of the three standard components of
the machine. The next step is injecting the melted
plastic. The plastic usually comes in small pellets, that
are fed into a cylinder where they get heated until they
become molten plastic that can be easily forced into the
mould. The plastic stays clamped in the mould under
pressure until it cools. After the plastic has cooled, the
dwelling phase commences, which means making sure
that all the holes in the mould are filled with plastic. The
fourth stage is the cooling stage, where the plastic is
cooled until it becomes solid. Finally, the mould is
opened and the plastic part is taken out of the mould. It
then gets cleaned of any extra plastic that has stuck to the
mould.…read more

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Injection Moulding: Pros and Cons
Pros: Cons:
- Low cost of operation - Bottles with large
- Simple process undercuts cannot be
- No need for produced in this
specialised workers process
- Majority of process is - High cost of mould
almost automatic - High start up cost
- Machine can make - Would have to
complex parts produce a lot to
make a profit…read more

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Injection Moulding: Products
Here are some
examples of
products made
using injection
moulding.…read more

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Injection Moulding:
Sustainability Issues
Injection moulding gives off plastic HC's that
smell and are harmful to the environment, as
well as the central nervous system and
endocrine systems of humans. It also produces
carbon emissions, but these have been reduced
by 40% over the past few years. Injection
moulding has quite a low environmental
impact, as all the products produced can be
recycled.…read more

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