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A2 Textiles…read more

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Vegetable Fibres
Cotton Linen Sisal
Seed Bast- flax Leaf-agave cactus
Staple fibres Staple fibres Natural sustainable fibres
Absorbs 65% of weight Strong, durable, good High strength, durable,
without dripping, non drape, highly absorbent, easy to dye, anti static,
static, breathable, soft fast drying, non static, water resistant,
handle, good drape, crisp, shrink proof, low
creases easily, strong, elasticity, dirt repellent
Shirts, underwear, Tablecloths, tea towels, Ropes, hairbrush bristles,
curtains, towels, tents shirts, skirts baskets…read more

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Types of Silk
Wild Silk Cultivated Silk
· Tussah silk moth · Mulberry silk worm
· Filament fibres · Filament fibres
· Fine, smooth, lustrous, soft
· Coarse, uneven, thicker fibre handle, elegant drape
· Heaver than cultivated · Elastic, crease resistant
· Absorbent and non static, · Can absorb a 1/3 of its weight
· Could stain without feeling wet
· Cool, but good insulator
· Dull lustre · Strong, durable, light
· Fabrics: Tussah silk, shantung · Fabrics: chiffon, crepe, voile
· End uses: curtains, wall · End uses: luxury day and evening
coverings, lampshades and wear, wadding for ski wear,
hats scarves, ties , hats…read more

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Natural Fibres
Luxury Hair Fibres Mineral
Cashmere Mohair Angora Llama Vicuna Asbestos
From the Kel goat From the From the angora Llama, Vicuna Warm, Non
Staple fibres angora goat rabbit and Guanaco ­
Soft luxurious Staple fibres Softness, silky texture, insulator due flammable,
They are all
handle Soft silky good warmth,
to scales, resistant to
Light handle lightweight from species of
Llama, most
Lustrous 35% warmer End Uses: finest fibres,
Thermal than wool and produce chemicals,
insulation Durable Suits fine fibres, soft provide
Crease resistant Hardwearing in appearance
Dirt repellent Crease
but are hard insulation.
Non static resistant
Fire retardant
wearing and
Typical blends:
Wool Typical replaced
Silk blends: lightly crimped
Polyester Wool and have very with Nomex
End uses: Cotton good thermal
Coats, knitwear, Silk properties
yacht interiors End Uses: creating warm
Scarves fabrics
Suiting used in jackets,
Evening wear overcoats,
knitted fabrics
and blankets.…read more

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Regenerated Fibres
Lyocell Cupro Triacetate Rubber Alginate
High Natural rubber
performance is made from
staple viscose latex, synthetic
is made from
Produced from
sources; wood Natural stretch
pulp and pliability
Fibrillation- micro Warm, soft,
fine surface anti static, light
A variety of sensitive, not
surface effects breathable.
Strong, easy care,
Good for
dyes well,
floorings, tyres.
biodegradable…read more

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Synthetic Fibres
Kevlar Nomex Flourofibres Polyethylene Polypropylene
Brand name for Brand name for Made from Synthetic fibre Synthetic fibre in
a family of a family of petrochemicals, in the the polyolefin
aramid fibres. aramid fibres hydrophobic polyolefin family made
olephobic, used from
High strength, that are high family made
in high tech petrochemicals
lightweight, temperature fabrics e.g. Gore-
from Thermoplastic,
chemical and resistant Tex petrochemicals strong, resistant
flame resistant, Heat and flame Chemical to chemicals, non
Teflon is a brand
flexible and resistant, name for PTFE. resistant, absorbent,
comfortable, 5x durability, anti Protects fabric lightweight, wicking
stronger than static, low against water, oil low melting properties,
and stains. Invisible crease resistant,
steel shrinkage, easy barrier, stops fabric point, abrasion
Protective care, comfort, absorbing stain, resistant, dry non allergenic
windproof, Good for medical
wear, aesthetic quickly, resist
waterproof, stain and hygiene
bulletproof qualities. resistant, easy care dyeing products
vest breathable…read more

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