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Essay structures

Problem of Evil

-Definition of natural evil and moral evil

-Anthropocentric view of evil

We only look at the world through our own experience
But doing good is when something fulfils its purpose
A good volcano is one that erupts

-How evil tests faith (use Holocaust as case…

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-St. Augustine Theodicy

God did not create evil because evil is not a substance it's a lacking; a
`privation boni'
God allowed the possibility of evil when he gave us free-will
We have to have free will in order to be rational beings able to make
Adam and Eve…

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-St. Irenaean Theodicy

God allows evil and suffering. The world was deliberately created with a mixture of good and
We can develop and grow as humans beings into a mature and free relationship with God
Genesis 1:26 `let us make man in our image, in our likeness'
To be…

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1. Heaven for all is unjust and contradicts the idea that God will punish the wicked
2. Irenaeus said evil is for development but we have no reason to be moral if everyone
goes to heaven; it's pointless
3. The amount of suffering is unfair
4. Suffering cannot be an…


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