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Brahman and the Gods [Revision Notes]

Isvara ­ B is "The Lord"/ "Controller"

Nirguna ­ is the abstract, impersonal view of God
Nirguna = without attributes ( no gender etc)
Brahman cannot be identified within Human understanding ­ difficult to describe ­ Katha Upanishad -
expressions in the Upanishads…

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Bhakti Tradition ­ C6th - religious devotion in the form of active involvement of a devotee in worship of the
divine. Within monotheistic Hinduism, it is the love felt by the worshipper towards the personal God /
Ishtadeva (owns own chosen form of god)
Modern Hinduism ­ Forms of B…

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Thousand Names - Sahasra Nama ­ chanting it is seen as purifying and awaking one's spiritual consciousness
Vishnu love and compassion - manifested in his avatars - Rama and Krishna

Murti's ­ Diana Eck "Visual Theology" ­ relates the attributes of God ­ Believers use it as a source of…

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Rama and Sita seen as Perfect example of partners in marriage ­ embodies all the desirable qualities in man and
Some associate Diwali with the return of R+S to Ayodhya
Ramayana Epic ­ allegory for the Atma-Yatra (Soul Journey)
Sita Attracted to Golden Deer = Selfish Desires/Pleasures which the…

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Argues that the Radha ­ "suffered from the pain of being parted for [god]" ­ the division of the soul and B ­ ultimate
goal is to experience the supreme bliss of the union of the soul with B
Unlimited devotion is required to reach this union (BHAKTI) ­ Radha…

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Meditation ­ Hair is tied back in top knot ­retains his energy during meditation but in Nataraja form ­ Loose and
releases the energy for the benefit of the universe

Cosmic Dancer ­ image of Nataraja
Symbolises the cosmic energy the flows and sustains the universe ­ dance within the…

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Often depicted in a graceful dancing pose ­ signifies that he is also considered a Master of Arts
Known as Nrttaganapati (NRTTA-GANAPATTI)
Various Names ­ Reveals depiction of Ganesh
IE. Ganapatti ­ Lord of the Group / Pillaiyar ­ The son of the young elephant

Sakti Idea
The female divine…

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Consort of Brahma ­ some say that she was created after Brahma as other half / some say that she flowed out of him
as the first river (Sarasvati river now dried up BUT importance in IVC ­ foundation of Hinduism)
Goddess of learning, wisdom, and Knowledge (Culture)
Believed to…

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