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How you can avoid
online fraud…read more

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When is online fraud likely to
Online fraud is likely to occur when criminals get
certain details such as:
· Your bank details
· Details of any other accounts you have
· Your username and password for a particular
website…read more

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How criminals can obtain your
· Phishing ­ A form of internet fraud that aims to
steal vulnerable information.
· Trojans ­ A Trojan is a programme that appears
legitimate but which performs harmful activity
when it is run.
· Spyware - Spyware is software that can be
installed on your computer without your
knowledge.…read more

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Avoiding online frauds
Be careful when opening certain e-
mails as they could be a phishing, here
are the tell tale signs of a phishing e-
mail:…read more

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However ...
· To avoid Trojans stay away from online games
and bad looking e-mails as this is where most
Trojans are picked up!
· To avoid Spyware anti spyware software
needs to be purchased and installed onto your
computer.…read more




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