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State what is meant by cloud computing (1)
• Online/web/internet software  • Online/web/internet storage
Give two features of tablet computer that make them easier to use than desktop computers (2)
• Don’t need to plug in peripherals such as monitor / keyboard/ mouse • Simplified settings • Installing Apps is easier than installing traditional software • Touch screen/ intuitive interface / gesture input
Give two other benefits of using online apps (2)
• Don’t need local storage space • Can use any device/anywhere with internet connection • Don’t need to update software • Collaborate with other people/work from multiple locations (using cloud computing)
Give two possible benefits to customers of creating an account with iwant (2)
• Faster buying experience e.g. Express checkout / only need to sign in before buying / don’t have to enter personal details every time • Order tracking / purchase history • May receive a discount / rewards • Personalised shopping/targeted marketing • Wish lists / Save items  • Receive updates (e.g. special offers /deals)

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When customers create an account they are sent an email asking them to activate their account. Explain why this happens (2)
• To check that the customer is real (1) to prevent automatic sign ups (1) • To prevent fraud (1) by verifying the customer’s identity (1) • To verify the customer’s email address (1) so that the customer can be contacted if username / password is lost / forgotten (1) Max 1 mark for: • To prevent the account being used (1)  • To make sure that fraud is not occurring / to prevent fraud (1)
Explain the benefits of connecting devices using wifi direct (2)
• WiFi Direct uses pairing / no access point/router needed (1) • Connecting devices is much simpler / can be done at the touch of a button (1) • All connections are automatically encrypted (1) • Connection would be stronger in areas of the house with weak WiFi signal (1)
Describe how online communities can be used to support a campaign (2)
Users post messages/images about their opinion (1) which can then be ‘liked’/reposted/replied to (1)
Explain why iwant displays the customer ratings and reviews for products (2)
• Promotes interactions (1) from customers to improve customer relations (1) • A positive review/rating (1) may lead to increased sales (1) • Reviews of some products may give useful feedback (1) on the products to sell/offer/improve in future (1)

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Describe why this policy is necessary (acceptable use) (2)
• To prevent offensive or inaccurate comments (1)  • protecting the company and/or customers /  which would have a negative effect on the company image (1)
What is the minimum length of time iwant must give customer to return products bought online? (1)
7 working days after delivery
Give one drawback to customers of shopping on auction sites (1)
Potential for fraud / misuse (e.g. ‘ghost’ bids from sellers) • Might not win the item
Explain why mobile apps have become so popular (3)
• Apps are marketed widely  • Mobile apps are often cheap or free • You can design your own Apps • Devices are designed to make the use of Apps easier • Allow quick/easy access to services/information • Can replace other devices e.g. sat nav • Can be used to increase productivity • Can customise a device(‘s functionality)
Tom uses smartphone to make VOIP calls. The call quality if often poor when he connects using 3g. Give one reason for this (1)
• Low bandwidth  • High latency • Interference  • Blocked signal
State one advantage of using chat rather than SMS (1)
• Costs less to send multiple messages • Can see if someone is available to chat / busy etc

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Describe why high street shops find it difficult to compete with online shops (6)
1. Convenience – people don’t have to go out / websites can remember previous orders
2. Online stores offer cheaper deals due to lack of overheads such as shop fitting, staffing etc.
3. Online stores can offer a much wider range of items by using ‘just in time’ (i.e. getting them from suppliers when ordered) delivery
4. Online stores can offer wider range of products and they can sell worldwide e.g. UK made products sold to US
6. High street stores cannot stay open for shopping for as long due to staffing costs and availability
7. Customers can more easily shop around for cheap deals on the internet using price comparison sites
10.Customers can read impartial reviews of the best product
11.Some items e.g. music are available digitally online and lots of people now buy and consume music in this way
12.More and more people are gaining access to the internet which means online stores’ customer base is increasing
13.Shoppers sometimes don’t like to be hassled by shop employees / enjoy shopping in private

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Descfribe the advantages of the use of GPS-enabled smartphones to businesses (6)
1. Keep records of communication 
2. Set calendared tasks and alerts / reminders
3. Easily re-direct drivers for deliveries e.g. if there is a traffic incident / driver breakdown / unknown/unexpected route
4. Save time / money on deliveries due to efficient routing using navigation software
7. Enhances employees’ security 
8. Multifunctional, so saves money
9. Access company documents on the move
10.Flexible working / Employees can access work at any time
11.Use camera for capturing product images / recording incidents / making face calls / scanning barcodes etc.
12.Geotagging images
14.Enhancing device security
15.Keep in touch via email / phone / chat / SMS

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