Prajna and Karuna (wisdom and compassion)

Basic breakdown of the relationship between the two for the ethics part of the OCR RS Buddhism A2 course.

Not extensive in any way. 

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Relationship between Compassion and Wisdom
Wisdom is more important Equal Compassion is more
Gives insight into the nature Both play a part on the path Without compassion we
of things to Nirvana would act selfishly
8 fold path was discovered Similar to the base concept To obtain proper wisdom we
through the use of wisdom middle way we must utilize must be compassionate as
both in tandem to achieve we will not gain the wisdom if
our goal we are doing so for personal
Compassion does not play To awaken the Bodhichitta
an important role in the arhat (loving heart) you must
path reflect upon the suffering of
Compassion without wisdom The Bodhisattva vow is one
can lead to dukkha of ultimate compassion
If one has wisdom they will
know of compassion as they
will wish to remove others
Heart Sutra Wisdom of
sunyata is necessary to
progress along the
bodhisattva path
In Theravada teachings there
is no explicit reference to the
importance of compassion
whereas wisdom is a key part
(eg. 8FP)


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