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Value of Life
Value: The worth of life
4A Religion and Human Experience…read more

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Christian Value of Life
· Instructions/Revelations given from God to people
· Can be seen via intermediates e.g. prophets, the holy spirit
Revealed Ethics
· Humans are sacred as 'set apart for holy purpose'
· Christians have a strong sanctity of life and are prolife
Genesis: God created humans
separately in his own image as well as · Humans have elevated status and God gave them dominion over all
breathing air into Adam the other animals so that they could show stewardship
The Golden Rule: 'Do onto others as you would have them do onto you'
The good Samaritan helped the other man who was beaten even though they were from different backgrounds
showing everyone has worth
Natural Law: Aquinas said that everything has a purpose which can be found through reasoning so shouldn't be
taken away
Evangelium Vitae: 'Direct and voluntary killing is gravely immoral'
Absolute morality: There is a right or wrong to each situation it cannot be both
However the Evangelical Lutheran Church is pro choice on abortion as a last resort
Situation Ethics: Joseph Fletcher said it depends on the situation and people involved
God gave freewill to people suggesting they are able to do what they want with their lives whether that is
euthanasia or not…read more

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Situation Ethics
Pragmatic approach as it
must be successful in
Joseph Fletcher coined bringing about the Love is the most
the term intended result and this important criteria
end must be the most
loving…read more

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To do good
To do good
as someone
for all
has done to
you…read more

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Christian Aid
Aid to help
rid poverty
Help people
suffering Global
with HIV corporation
and malaria…read more

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Buddhist Views on Value of Life
Good intentions (chanda) causes kusala (skilful actions) which helps avoid bad karma phala (karmic
You should treat people with metta (loving kindness) and karuna (compassion) as this would be the
right action chosen through insight (prajna)
Sila teaches to live in harmony as right action shows you the 5 precepts which help you to be free
from anger and jealousy
Following the 6 Paramitas (perfections) allows you to have a good rebirth or even enlightenment
The human realm is a marvellous place for spiritual growth
Abortion can sometimes be the lesser of two evils since the mother may be in danger
Suicide is often seen as wrong unless the person is not of sound mind…read more

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