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Re- exam technique
Based on Ocr…read more

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Key ideas
In any of the high 6 or twelve mark questions
You MUST include at least 2 different view
In 12 mark questions i suggest using two
view points from the religion studied as well
as an atheists and your own point of view
What ever you say you will need to back up
using teachings or beliefs…read more

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The exam
Each half of your exam is one hour where
you will answer 2 questions
This means roughly half an hour per question…read more

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Part A questions
Write between one word and a sentence
Worth one mark
Don't waste time
State the correct answer e.g. What is moral
evil- Suffering caused by humans…read more

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Part B questions
Worth two marks
Usually write about two things in a little bit of
Write no more than a few sentences
No need for explanation
Don't lose time here…read more

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Part C
Worth 3 marks
Write a small paragraph or list 3 points
When writing a small paragraph one mark is
given for stating a correct answer, another
for explaining it and a third for an example…read more

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