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There are two types of evil:
Natural evil: suffering caused by natural events therefore could arguably
be caused by God. These take place in nature examples: hurricane,
tsunami or earthquake.
Moral evil: suffering caused by humans, deliberate acts of unkindness
because God gave us free will but some humans decide…

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Origins: Satan:

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Adam and Eve disobeyed God by Gospel writers suggest the
eating the fruit from the forbidden existence of the devil, described as
trying the tempt Jesus (and Adam

and Eve as a snake), he was called
tree of knowledge so they saw the Satan meaning `adversary/evil
difference between good and…

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force but a psychological reacts in the same way to their
phenomenon ­ something within us. upbringing.

Moral evil Natural evil

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Intention Wrong place, wrong time
Creating justice through Allows people to appreciate
suffering: murderer in electric what they have
chair God understands purpose but
Bring in laws to prevent further he's too great for us the
suffering understand
Learn from our mistakes Give us an opportunity to help
Prove a…


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