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· In the Respect Short Course exam, Section
A has the choice to answer questions on one
of 4 religions. One is Buddhism. There is a
total of 20 marks for this including 10 short
answer and 2 5 mark questions. This
PowerPoint will go through the main points
but not all.…read more

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· What Goes Around Comes Around. The idea that
what you do will be done to you (e.g you treat
someone well, they will treat you well).
· This is extremely important as it can be applied to
almost any subject. Keep repeating yourself in
different questions as Karma is the most important
belief…read more

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3 Universal Truths
· Anicca ­ Impermanence
· Anatta ­ No Soul ­ Interdependence
· Dukkha ­ Suffering Exists…read more

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4 Noble Truths
· Dukkha ­ There is Suffering
· Tanha ­ Origin of Suffering is Craving
· Nirodha ­ There is an end to suffering
· Magga ­ The Eightfold Path…read more

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Eightfold Path
· All begin with "Right"
· View
· Intention
· Speech
· Action
· Livelihood
· Effort
· Mindfulness
· Concentration…read more

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