POVA Protection of Vulnerable Adults (Promoting Quality Care)

Information on POVA which includes the features, strengths and weaknesses.

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POVA [Legislation to help protect the vulnerable adults]
The POVA scheme significantly enhances the level of protection for vulnerable adults.
The guidance sets out what is required of providers of care, employment agencies and
It covers both England and Wales, and refers to the care of vulnerable adults aged 18 years
or over.
Applies to workers who provide services via social services and adult placement carers.
Providers of care and employment agencies and businesses are able to request checks
against the POVA list as part of an application for a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)
· Vulnerable people are protected because POVA reduces risk of harm to
vulnerable adults.
· POVA list is also linked to children so the abuser cannot work with children
and visa versa.
· The POVA scheme means that those who intent on harming vulnerable
adults will find it difficult to find jobs in care homes.
· Does not apply to self-employed persons, volunteers and informal helpers
e.g. friends and families
· Does not apply if a person is employed directly by the adults
· List needs to be updated regularly.
· People who are suspected of abuse may be included when they were
· People can change their name and still get a job in care.
· Those who work with vulnerable adults in NHS or independent hospitals,
clinics and other facilities, or through an independent medical agency, or
educational facilities are excluded from the ambit of the POVA scheme.



A very good summary of POVA which not only identifies the key aspects of POVA but also clearly highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the act which can easily be apllied to real to life context examples or case studies.

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