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Extreme Weather Revision Booklet
Extreme Weather Watch

Extreme weather is weather that's unusually severe or that
occurs in an area where it's unexpected.
There are many types of extreme weather temperate storms,
tornadoes tropical cyclones, heatwaves, droughts,
blizzards and ice storms.

Temperate storms are caused by depressions
Temperate storms are…

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Depressions have many hazards such as:
Floods from continuous rain
Gales from high winds (storms)
Blizzards from snow
Storm surges at coast

Anticyclones are areas of high pressure. They bring calm
weather and may last from a few days to weeks (bringing hot
sunny weather to the UK for example).…

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What's Behind UK Weather
Traditional View: When air from the Atlantic moves over
England, it meets with cooler denser air, which means it rises,
condenses and forms precipitation. At other times, continental air
is producing high pressure anticyclones, which bring stable
Modern Insight: The Polar jet stream (10 km…

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Tornados and Supercell Storms
A tornado is a violently rotating column of air (vortex). They come from the
cloud and make contact with the ground. The majority only make landfall for
a very short amount of time and cause little damage.
They have the power to lift 20 tonne rail…

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With regards to the distribution of tornados, there is no pattern of
number, damage etc (no correlation with climate change)
Tornados tend to occur during the late afternoon and into the
evening, because the sun has been heating the ground all day.
They rely on big solar output which causes…

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Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
A hurricane is a tropical storm with sustained wind speeds in excess of 120
km/h which originates in the tropics
The Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is a zone of low pressure near
the equator. This migrates seasonally, creating conditions that favour hurricane
formation and monsoon…

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It was the most costliest and fifth most deadliest hurricane in US history.
It was the 6th strongest Atlantic hurricane recorded.
Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas on August 23 2005, and crossed
southern Florida as a moderate category 1 hurricane, causing some deaths and
flooding before strengthening rapidly…

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Super Typhoon Bopha December 2012
It was the strongest tropical cyclone to ever hit the Philippines
south island of Mindanao, making landfall as a category 5 super
typhoon with winds exceeding 160 mph, making landfall on the
3rd of December 2012
Affected over 213,000 people.
More than 179,000 people in…

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Blizzards and Ice Storms
A snowstorm become a blizzard when wind speeds exceed 35 mph (wind
speeds measured with a digital anemometer) Temperatures in these conditions
can drop to 12 degrees and visibility is poor.
Ice storms occur when a rain bearing warm front arrives in a area of cold…


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