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Revision notes on phenols (Chains, Rings and Spec. module) for A2 Chemistry.

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Contains a benzene ring with an ­O-H group attached
The simplest phenol called Phenol
TCP (2,4,6, TriChloroPhenol)
Chem. of Phenols
They are weak acids
o react with bases
i. Acid + Base Salt + H2O
ii. Acid +
Metal Salt + H2
iii. Acid + Carbonate No reacton
Phenols don't react with CO32­
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The Arene in the phenol behaves like an Arene
Why is phenol more reactive than benzene?
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Marking points for exam
The lone pair of electrons one the O in phenol are delocalised into the ring
o increase the electron density
o attacks electrophiles more easily
o no catalyst needed
Phenols react with an excess of Br2 to make 2,4,6, tribromophenol
which is formed as a white precipitate
o is used as a test for phenols
Observations for this are
Br2 is decolourised from a brown solution to a colourless soloution
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A white precipitate is formed
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