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Arenes always contain..
One or more Benzene rings.
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What is the enthalpy change of hydrogenation of Benzene?
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Delocalised electrons....
Are shared between 2 or more atoms.
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Benzene takes part in..
Electrophilic substitution.
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The reactants in the nitration of Benzene are..
Benzene and concentrated nitric acid.
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The conditions for the nirtation of benzene are...
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A curly arrow represents...
A pair of electrons.
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A phenol..
Has an -OH directly attached to the Benzene ring.
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When dissolved in water phenol..
Forms a weak acidic solution.
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Aquesous phenol+ bromine water=
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This product is a..
White precipitate
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The oxidising agent for oxidising alchohols is...
Acidified dichromate ions.
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When Brady's reagent is added to an aldehyde or ketone...
An orange precipitate forms.
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When Tollen's reagent is added to a carboxyllic acid..
Nothing happens.
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In esterification...
Concentrated sulphuric acid acts as the catalyst.
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Name the product of esterification of decanoic acid and propanol.
Propyl decanoate
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One of the reagents in alkaline hydrolysis is..
Sodium hydroxide.
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The products of alkaline hydrolysis of an ester are
Salt of the carboxyllic acid and alchohol.
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Aliphatic amines are prepaired by...
Warming a halogenalkane gently with ammonia, using ethanol as a solvent.
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The first step in the preparation of industrial dyestuffs is..
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To generate nitrous acid...
Sodium nirtite is reacted with HCl.
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What is peptide made of?
Amino acids.
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An amino acid has an isoelectric point of 4.5, when the PH is 7.8....
The amino acid acts as an acid, donating a proton.
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Amino acids join together to form..
Peptide linkages.
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If a compund has 4 chiral carbons, how many optical isomers does it have?
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In chromatography, a sloid stationary phase separates by..
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Rf is...
Distance moved by component/ distance moved by solvent
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In GC the mobile phase is...
A carrier gas
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In a Gas chromatagraph....
The area under each peak is proportional to the amount of compound in a sample.
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Whiich of these is NOT a use for GC-MS.
Used to analyse DNA sequences.
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What does nmr stand for?
Nuclear magnetic resonance
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In proton nmr a triplet indicates..
There are two hydrogens attached to the adjacent carbon.
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What is the enthalpy change of hydrogenation of Benzene?



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Delocalised electrons....


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Benzene takes part in..


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The reactants in the nitration of Benzene are..


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Some of the answers are not precise enough... for example: a curly arrow represents the movement of a pair of electrons :) apart from that its pretty good

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