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To what extent did the Russian economy improve in the period 1894-1942?
1894; industry and agriculture
Less economic growth compared to G, B, USA in 19th cent
Less urban workers
Iron,textile,smelting,flaxen goods were main industry that were supplementary to
Less transport system= couldn't have an industrial expansion
Ineffective banking system= less capital+ entrepreneurialism
Inefficient pattern of agriculture- north couldn't grow crops- restricted to black earth region
80% peasants- not enough fertile land to go around
Peasants thought land was too expensive- borrow from government loans- large mortgages
that took generations to pay
Great spurt
1890's industry grew rapidly- especially coal in Ukraine and Oil in Caucasus
Witte- Minister of Finance: 1892-1903
State capitalism
European countries saw R as inferior- had to be seen as equal- large loans from abroad
High tariffs to import- help with balance of payments
Russian currency under gold standard
Trans Siberian railway- connected to remote areas where migration was needed into cities=
more investments from abroad because impressed
GDP growth 96.8% from 1898-1913
Made R dependent on foreign loans
Neglected light engineering areas e.g. machine tool production- help modernise
Neglected agricultural needs
Great spurt had also been down to a world wide boom- recession= less demand for goods
Unemployment and less GDP per capita
How accurate is it to describe the constutional and land reforms of the years 1906-14 in Russia
as significant?
Land reforms
Outstanding repayments cancelled- de-revolutionaising the peasants
Land bank- replace inefficient strip system with fence fields like west-voluntary resettlement
of peasants to repopulate remote areas e.g. Siberia to turn them into food growing areas
Conservatism- resitsted- mir was more confortable to stay- offered security
Increased taxes than in 1890's = more production BUT minority
Stolypin had said this need 20 years to work but assassinated in 1911 so didn't work for that
long- could have worked?

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Constitutional reforms
Duma- elected legislative assembly was in place for the first time
Committee system was developed as a means of achieving reform
1st & 2nd Dumas short lived= useless
3rd duma more cooperative- set up schools for children of poor & national insurance for
industrial workers
4th duma- state welfare
Tsarist gov prevented from doing more- fundamental laws limited powers of duma
How far do you agree that it was misjudgements by Nicholas II after 1911 caused the collapse
of stardom in 1917?
Nicholas's…read more

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Failure to cope with July days= weak
April thesis "Peace, bread and land" increased popularity
Returned to Petrograd= increased sense of use for Bolsheviks
Small party BUT dedicated
Committed Bolsheviks to overthrow P.G.
Skill in attracting peasants support ­ P.G.…read more


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