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To what extent did the Russian economy improve in the period 1894-1942?

1894; industry and agriculture

Less economic growth compared to G, B, USA in 19th cent
Less urban workers
Iron,textile,smelting,flaxen goods were main industry that were supplementary to
Less transport system= couldn't have an industrial expansion
Ineffective banking…

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10% consolidated into farms-failure

Constitutional reforms

Duma- elected legislative assembly was in place for the first time
Committee system was developed as a means of achieving reform
1st & 2nd Dumas short lived= useless
3rd duma more cooperative- set up schools for children of poor & national insurance for

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Failure to cope with July days= weak


April thesis "Peace, bread and land" increased popularity
Returned to Petrograd= increased sense of use for Bolsheviks
Small party BUT dedicated
Committed Bolsheviks to overthrow P.G.
Skill in attracting peasants support ­ P.G. had not helped them in getting land reform-


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