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The Big Bang

It is though that the universe began with the Big Bang
when all the mass of the universe which was concentrated
in a very small volume exploded

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The proof

All galaxies are moving away from use (think of blowing up
a balloon with stars on it)
Distant galaxies are moving faster
We receive microwaves from all parts of the universe
(thought to be `shock waves' for the big bang)

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How do we know galaxies are moving?

The Doppler Effect

You have all probably experienced the Doppler Effect
When a police car is coming towards you sounding its siren,
the pitch (frequency) appears to increase
When it passes and moves away from you, the pitch
suddenly decreases

A stationary police…

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But if the police car is moving, it has changed position
between the time it produces one note and the next
The car is moving away from the person in at A
The wavelength appears longer so the pitch is lower
The reverse is true for the person at B…

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Life cycle of a star

Life cycle of a star ­ Words I may not know

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Interstellar ­ between stars.

Protostar ­ `pre-star'.

Nuclear fusion ­ when hydrogen atoms join, lots of energy is

Main sequence star ­ adult star.

Supernova ­ exploding star.


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