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Complete notes for all topics.
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A moment is the turning effect of a force (e.
g. undoing a wheel-nut with a spanner)
The moment of this example can be
increased by...
1. Increasing the size of the force.
2. Using a spanner with a longer handle.
The equation is... Moment
of a force = force X
perpendicular distance
from pivot to the line of
action of the force.…read more

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Is the point at which all the mass of the
object is thought to be concentrated.
Equilibrium is when an object's COM is
directly beneath the point of suspension.
Point of
suspension. Centre of
mass (COM).…read more

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For something to balance, the anticlockwise
and clockwise moments must be equal.
Using the example of a seesaw, this might
be achieved by...
1. Heavier person moving closer to the pivot.
2. Lighter person sitting further away.
3. Using same weight people, same distance
form pivot.…read more

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The stability of an object is how easily it topples.
· Stability can be increased by...
1. Making the base wider.
2. Making the COM as low as possible.
· An object will topple over when the line of action
is outside the base.
Centre of
mass (COM).
Line of action.…read more

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