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Nuclear energy

Radioactivity comes from the nucleus of atoms and can be
dangerous if not controlled

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Background radiation

This is around us all the time

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Hazard symbol for radiation

Background sources

It is not just atomic bombs and nuclear power stations
that contribute to background radiation

Most of the radioactivity around us comes from
radioactive gas, rocks and soil and the least of it from
nuclear power

Nuclear power

Natural uranium (U number 92 on…

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The generator produces electricity by producing steam
which turns the turbine which turns the coil in a magnetic

Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power

Advantages Disadvantages
Nuclear power costs the same Nuclear power is reliable but costs
as coal so it's not expensive to a lot of money which…

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Disposing of nuclear waste

The waste is radioactive

Low-level radioactive waste is diluted in water as it goes
into the sea or is it sometimes dumped into landfill

High ­ level radioactive waste us harmful to living things
It should never by dumped at sea

Radioactive waste is stored in…

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All radiation can cause harm because of its ionising
An ion is a charged particle created when electrons are
lost or gained

There are three types of radiation:


A, B and C in Greek
Each has different properties, mainly their penetrating power

Alpha particles have the…

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Beta particles are used as traces e.g. medical diagnosis
and pipe leakage as thickness gauges e.g. steel cars and
paper thickness
Gamma rays are used to treat cancer because they kill
the cells


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