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An oscilloscope shows how the alternating voltage changes
with time
The maximum voltage and the frequency can be found
from the trace
To calculate the frequency
the following equation is
Frequency = 1
The unit is hertz, Hz (waves per second)
Calculate the frequency when a wavelength or period is point
Frequency = 1
= 1
= 14.…read more

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The needle on the ammeter moves as the magnet is moved
in and out the coil
Electricity is only generated when the magnet is moving
Mini generators
A bicycle dynamo is small and
electrical generator
A magnet rotates inside a coil of wire
and an alternating current is produced…read more

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There are three ways to increase the current from a dynamo
Use a stronger magnet
Increase the number of turns of wire on the coil
Rotate the magnet faster ­ on a bicycle the means
pedalling faster
The electricity generated in a power station it is transported all
round the country on the national grid
The power station produces 25,000 volts of electricity
However, transmitting power at this voltage also means a high
current which means high resistant and loss of electrical energy
as heat…read more

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