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Heating houses

Heat energy can be lost from houses and other buildings by
three different methods conduction, convection and radiation

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Conduction is the way in which thermal energy is
transferred in solids
Metals are good conductors of heat as they allow energy
to spread through them quickly
Non ­ metals are thermal insulators, they do not allow
energy to spread through them quickly
Energy is transferred from a hotter…

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Free electrons moving through metals

Metals are excellent conductors
Stone, concrete, brick and glass are reasonable conductors
Plastic, rubber and wood are all insulators


Convection is the way thermal energy is transferred in
fluids ­ liquids and gases

As the fluid is heated its particles moves faster so :…

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There will be fewer particles in each cm of gas so it is
less dense and rises up


Radiation is the transfer of thermal energy waves
These waves can travel through a vacuum, it is how heat
reaches us from the sun
All objects emit and absorb radiation

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The fibre inside is an insulator so prevents conduction
It also traps air so prevents convection

Payback period

Payback period is the time it takes to pay for the insulation
from the savings made on fuel bills

Insulation Cost in Annual Payback time in
£ saving in £ years

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