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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Diminutive ­ a word which is

Phonological Development formed with a suffix in order
to create an illusion of

Stages of Development Phonemic expansion ­ the
variety of sounds produced
Vegetative Sounds of discomfort or reflexive actions 0-4
Cooing Comfort sounds / Vocal…

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Social interaction ­
Developing Lexis interaction with other
language users [generally
Once children can produce sounds effectively they can use these skills to
Positive reinforcement ­
form `real' words that others can recognise. By the first word stage (around
when behaviour is rewarded

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Overextension ­ the word
Developing Meaning used to label something is
`stretched' to include things
that aren't usually part of
that word's meaning.
Stages of Linguistic Development
Underextension ­ the word
used to label something is
1 Labelling Linking words to the objects to which…

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Free morpheme ­ one that
Grammatical Development can stand alone as an
independent word.

Research has identified a predictable pattern in the acquisition of inflectional Bound morpheme ­ one that
cannot stand alone as an
affixes. Functional words such as determiners and auxiliary verbs also…

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Egocentric speech ­ the
Developing Pragmatics running discourse style of
speech used by children
where no listener is directly
Pragmatic understanding is important, especially for analysing conversational addressed and the talk is
focussed on the child's
skills in a child.
Remember to consider the…

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Language Acquisition
Key Terms
Expansions ­ a development
Child Directed Speech of a child's utterance into a
longer more meaningful
Whenever data contains a discourse where an adult is an active participant, it
Re-cast ­ the commenting
is important to highlight the following areas:
on, extending and rephrasing…


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