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Who is Curley's
She is the attractive, young, newly married
wife of Curley, the boss's son.
She is never given an actual name, which
gives us the impression that she has no
individual existence of her own, and is
completely owned by Curley; an
impression that she clearly does not
share- at one point she tells the boys-
`Curley doesn't own me'.…read more

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Her role in the
book…read more

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Her role in the
Page 53-54: She
makes her first
appearance in the
bunkhouse, under
the pretence of
looking for Curley.
She casually flirts
with Lennie and
George.…read more

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Her role in the
Page 109-114: She Of her status to
appears again in threaten Crooks when
Crooks' room because he orders her to get
she is lonely, and to out. This is the part in
find out what the book where we
happened to Curley. see her vindictive
She accuses Lennie, side.
Crooks and Candy of
being `bindle stiffs',
and uses the power…read more

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Her role in the
Page 122-129: In the feel her hair- a
climax of the book, decision she regrets
Curley's wife goes when he messes it up
into the barn and and breaks her neck
consoles Lennie about trying to escape him.
the loss of his pup. Her dead body lies in
She tells Lennie all the hay until Candy
about her dreams of finds her and realises
being in the pictures. that everything is
Then she offers to let over.
Lennie…read more

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