Of Mice and Men Character Profile

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  • Of Mice and Men
    • George
      • Intelligent
      • Looks out for Lennie
        • Feels responsible for Lennie as he almost drowned Lennie in the past.
      • Isn't strong like Lennie
        • George is a small guy
    • Lennie
      • Strong like a bull
        • Can break Curley's hand easily.
        • Is a large guy
      • Often animalised
      • Needs George
      • Is a good worker.
      • Is not intelligent like George
      • Likes to pet things
        • What happened in Weed
        • The death of Curley's Wife
        • The death of the Puppy
        • The death of the Mouse
    • Slim
      • Has athotiry over the others, including Curley
        • Natural authority
      • Is the Prince of the ranch
    • Candy
      • Old
      • Misses a hand.
    • Curley
      • Boss
        • Owns the ranch
        • Is only a minor character as he is only in the part where George and Lennie joins the ranch.
      • Curley
        • Doesn't like big guys because Curley is a small guy.
        • Has authority because of fear and because of his Father, the Boss.
      • Curley's Wife
        • Is always described as as Curley's possession, therefore, 'Curley's Wife'
        • Is murdered by Lennie. Foreshadowed by the death of the Mouse.
    • Crooks
      • Is a victim of racism
      • Remembers playing with white children as a child
      • Is smart as he has books that are obviously well-rread


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