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Where To Find Quotes On Which Pages In 'Of Mice and Men.. John Steinbeck'

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Where To Find Quotes In Of Mice and Men

  • Pages: 66 - 67 George and Lennie Fantisising Over The American Dream, Curly Overhearing and Asking To Go With Them.
  • Pages 53 Curlys Dog Being Shot.
  • Pages: 9, 66 and 96 Lennie and The Rabbits, The Puppy He Killed and Mice .
  • Pages: 103 Lennie Killing Curleys Wife.
  • Pages: 120 George Shooting Lennie.
  • Pages: 85 Racisum Against Crooks.
  • Pages: 34 - 35 Curlys Wife Flirting With The Guys.
  • Pages: 19 -20 Description Of The Bunk House.
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joe westerman

very good

Sian Roberts

very good but don't you mean Candy and not Curley in the first few points.


Thanks, this is actually very useful :)


really helpful thank you ! x 


Really useful thanx :-)


This is very helpful for me, thanks! 

But, you mean Candy* not Curley 


helpful bt it is candy over hearing them nt curley. curley was against them and always picking on Leinnie

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