mice of men

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  • of mice and men context
    • treatment of women in 1930's
      • expectation for her tgo be lady like (demore
      • quililty of life for her was very bad
      • she is behaving innaprpreante for someone that is a women of that time
      • she has no rights
      • devoice was un-herd of in this time
      • was all most impossible to get a job for a women of that time
    • the americian dream
      • curleys wife wants to moveie star
      • she doesnt doesnt want to work hard
      • relives on other people to do everything for her
      • she doesnt follow the americian dream
    • the great depresion
      • quility of life
      • her education is trapped
      • most jobs are manual mabour
      • she has few options to marry anyone els


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