OCR SPEC A geography [National Parks, Local environment]

Notes for the Dartmoor national park case study for Local environment



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Local Environments Keyword

Ecosystem- A community of plants and animals, interacting with each other and their
Convectional Rainfall- Rain, often from thunderstorms, resulting from warm air rising in
convection currents.
Honey pots- Location prone to overcrowding. Very popular with tourists.
Eutrophication- Rapid growth of plants which reduce oxygen supply…

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Ø Largest and wildest area of open country in S England
Ø 2/3 is granite moorland

Ø Hundreds of visitors cause erosion on footpaths etc.
Ø Heavy rainfall washes away exposed soil, creating gullies
Ø Vehicles driving on open land causes erosion
Ø So does Horse riding (which has…

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Many factories use water for cooling purposes. Some factories may discharge bi-products of
their industrial processes into this water.
Farmers apply fertilizers, Herbicides and Pesticides to their crops. Excess chemicals can be
washed into rivers. Cattle slurry and silage may also leak into bodies of water.
Power stations…

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· 147 000 tonne super tanker Sea Empress approached Milford Haven with a cargo of light
crude oil from the North Sea.
· the ship ran aground off St Anne's Head just after 20:00
· 2 hours later, the Sea Empress was afloat again, having lost about 6000 tonnes of…

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Convectional Rainfall
High temperatures at noon evaporate the previous days rainfall trapped on the dense
vegetation. They also heat up the surface.

By Mid-Afternoon the rising air currents cool and condense, becoming heavier.
This forms billowing cumulonimbus clouds which cause heavy rain and often occurring
thunderstorms- this is Convectional Rainfall.…

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Tropical hardwood such as ebony and mahogany are obtained through logging. The timber is a
valuable source of income as there is a high demand for these woods in MEDCs, but little or no
attempt is made to replant.

The rainforests possess great mineral wealth in the form…


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