OCR F215 Control, Genomes and the Environment revision PPT.


So I've created a PPT on all of the topics of F215. It is really long but I hope it helps.

Anyway, good luck for your exam!



This PowerPoint contains 143 slides of useful, detailed information on all of the OCR F215 unit on control, genomes and the environment.  The user has created flow diagrams, questions and answers and used annotated diagrams to help with key points. Since this is a newly created it would be suitable for this years specification. A very useful resource.

Bethany Cunningham

Thank you!


Great resource. But would have been even more helpful if it had some more information on epistatis and dihybrid crosses.


Brilliant resource!!! :D


OH THANK YOU MY EXAM IS TOMORROW AND IM stressin this is much appreciated 

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