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F215 Stretch and Challenge ideas
Cellular control & genetics
> The degenerate code reduces the effects of substitution mutations
> If the nucleotide bases were arranged in pairs the maximum number of combinations would only be
16, which is not enough for the 20 amino acids plus stop codons

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> Inserting a functioning allele may cause the trait to be over expressed, and it may be inserted in the
wrong place in the DNA or cause mutations
> Gene therapy can be an invasive process and there is a chance of rejection
> Gene therapy is no use for…

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Differences: Different sized wood produced, coppicing Vs felling, habitat destruction happens more
in large-scale production. Large scale reduces soil quality but coppicing does not, coppicing doesn't
involve planting new trees but large scale production does
Similarities: Selective cutting and growing standards are similar strategies to obtain high quality

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I think:
Genetic variation (re assortment/ crossing over / mutation)
Apoptosis and cancer
Improving net primary productivity
The power stroke definitely (never come up before I think)
Asepsis (definitely how it can be done in labs etc.)
Maintenance of ATP supply
Germline cell therapy as an 8 marker most probably!…


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