OCR AS Music, How Music Reached Audiences

Notes for OCR as music on recording etc.

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Scores of orchestral music were rarely published in printed form before
the 19th century.
Access to music grew during the 19th century and was no longer the
preserve of a privileged elite.
A public market for printed scores developed.
Recordings, broadcastings and international tours were a big
Pocket scores
Music could only be copied out by hand.
1920 - the gramophone record had become the main way of bringing
music to a wider audience.
A shellac disc record was limited to 3 minutes of music on each side,
which forced musicians to organise their pieces more compactly that
they would in a live situation.
Early acoustic recordings suffered from problems of musical balance
(soloists had to be placed close to the recording horn to be heard).
Following the development of the first microphones, electrical recorded
rapidly replaced the older acoustic method after 1925.
There were shortages of shellac discs at the end of 1941 because WW2
and used huge human resources.
Success of radio and records had made a serious impact on live


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