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AS Music Jazz set works

The jazz set works you will be studying for the exam are as follows:

Alligator Crawl by Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven ­
Recorded 10th May (1927), Chicago

KoKo by Charlie Parker and his RiBop Boys ­
recorded 26th November 1945, New York


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Frontline: The instruments that play the melody line. New Orleans jazz of
the 1920s used trumpets, clarinet and trombone. The saxophone
overtook the clarinet in popularity in the 1930s.

Rhythm Section: Usually consisted of drums, piano, banjo (or guitar in
later jazz) and bass. The bass was usually a double…

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Recording Technology 1920 1960 : a timeline
Pre 1920
Pre 1920, the only way to hear the music was to go to a live event

After 1920
By 1920 the gramophone record was the main way of bringing the
music to an audience.
Recording was an acoustic process using a…


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