AS Music Vocabulary (AQA 2010 Specification)

This list of vocabulary words is taken from the AQA 2010 Specification for AS Music. Short and concise definitions have been added alongside, but it is highly unlikely you will be asked to provide their definitions, you just need to be aware of what they are, and more importantly, how to recognise them.

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AS Music Vocabulary (AQA 2010 Specification)

Binary Two part (A-B) structure; each is usually repeated.
Ternary Three part structure; A (theme), B (contrast), A (theme).
Fugue Theme is introduced by one voice, and is imitated by other voices
in succession.
Passacaglia Based on a four-bar ostinato, over which variations…

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Essential / Unessential Notes Notes belonging to the chord in question are essential notes, as
opposed to a passing note, suspension, appoggiatura, etc. which
are all unessential notes.
Passing Notes Non-harmonic note that appears between two notes in stepwise
Auxiliary Notes Ornamentation such as a grace note, which is…

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of the bow across the strings, resulting in a quiet but eerie
percussive sound.
Double-Stopping Two notes played simultaneously on a violin (etc.) using two
separate strings. Applicable not only if both strings are stopped
by the finger, but also if one (or both) strings are open.

Conjunct Smooth,…

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Isorhythm Construction based on a repeating rhythmic pattern in one or more
of the voices.
Polyrhythm Use of several patterns (or metres) simultaneously.
Augmentation Extending the rhythmic phrase in proportion to the original.
Diminution Contracting a rhythmic phrase in proportion to the original.
Hemiola When the articulation of two measures…

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Modulation Process of changing from one key to another.

Composer, Performer and
Intention Purpose and attitude of the performance.
Interpretation Artistic communication by the performer of the music to the
audience; how emotions are portrayed.
Improvisation Spontaneous performance of music without previous preparation
(or any written notes).

Occasion, Time…


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