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Louis Armstrong: Hotter Than That

New Orleans musician ­ key figure
Pioneered Jazz
Left New Orleans as young man for wider opportunities in northern cities of US
Initially went to play for mentor King Oliver in Chicago
Until depression of 1930s Chicago rivalled New York for theatre and…

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Amstrong already recording with larger group, promoted as Hot Seven ­ rhythm section included
tuba and drums ­ stronger accompaniment to solos
However, Hotter Than That has no percussion ­ bass divided between trombone and left hand
octabes of piano

Main focus of piece is on Armstrong as soloist ad…

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16 bars 2.36 Full ensemble ­ New Orleans style
Coda 4 bars 2.51 Vocal and guitar duet
Makes use of final 8 bars of chorus' 32 bar chord pattern
Texture typical of New Orleans polyphony:
Short phrases of trumpet melody ­ heard clearly
Agile clarinet countermelody balanced further back…

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Chorus 3
Break at end of chorus 2 introduces Armstrong's singing for first time
Piano drops out of accompaniment ­ leaves banjo comping and Lonnie Johnson improvising
countermelodies on guitar

Scat solos on some of Hot Five recordings ­ very popular with public
Armstrong believed to have recalled when…

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Slide between notes
Rhythm section continues to drive forward energetic accompaniment for solo
In background ­ Lil Hardin's piano decorates harmony
Style typical of ragtime piano ­ elaborate countermelody in right hand higher register

Break at end of trombone solo brings Armstrong back ­ leads into second half of chorus…


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