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1993…read more

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Previous research has shown that the genetics within an
individual may be the cause of criminality
In 1966, Price suggested that males with an extra Y
chromosome `XYY' were predisposed towards violent
crime ­ Individuals with XYY are usually above average
height and below average intelligence ­ The argument
was that an extra male chromosome would make the
individual more aggressive and more criminal.
Studies show that adopted children with a biological
parent who is a criminal have an increased risk of
engaging in criminal behaviour.
It could be considered irrefutable that criminal
behaviour has a genetic source…read more

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Case study
Family from the Netherlands
Males were affected by a syndrome of borderline
mental retardation and abnormal violent behaviour
Impulsive aggression, arson and attempted rape
Detailed information about the family had been
compiled 30 years ago by a grand uncle
He reported that a total of 14 males were affected
Clinical examinations were done on 5 of the affected
males: Weight, height, head circumference and
dysmorphic features
Data was collected from the analysis of urine samples…read more

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The defect Brunner et al. discovered in the
impulsive, aggressive males was a mutation in the
gene that codes for an enzyme MAOA
MAOA metabolizes the brain chemicals serotonin,
dopamine, and norepinephrine.
Abnormal levels of all three substances -- and
serotonin in particular -- have been implicated in
aggression and criminal behavior.…read more

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This study suggests that it is due to the deficit in
MAOA which links to criminality
However, both genes and environment do play a role
in the criminality of an individual.
Research has stated that it is more often an
interaction between genes and the environment that
predicts criminal behaviour.
Having a genetic predisposition for criminal behaviour
does not determine the actions of an individual, but if
they are exposed to the right environment, then their
chances are greater for engaging in criminal or anti-
social behaviour.…read more


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