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Nuclear power
By Harry Thorpe…read more

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How it works?
Nuclear power stations work in
pretty much the same way as fossil
fuel-burning stations, except that a
"chain reaction" inside a nuclear
reactor makes the heat instead.
The reactor uses Uranium rods as
fuel, and the heat is generated by
nuclear fission.…read more

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Animation…read more

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· Nuclear power costs about the same as
coal, so it's not expensive to make.
· Does not produce smoke or carbon
dioxide, so it does not contribute to the
greenhouse effect.
· Produces huge amounts of energy from
small amounts of fuel.
· Produces small amounts of waste.
· Nuclear power is reliable.…read more

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More Advantages to Nuclear
· Reliability
· Low Fuel Costs
· Low Electricity Cost
· No Greenhouse Gas Emissions
· High Load Factor
· Huge Potential More Info
on next
slide.…read more

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What is High Load Factor
· Nuclear Power Plants have very high
load factors
· Nuclear Power Plants have in excess
of 80%.
· They can generate power almost
· Only require shutdown for periodic
maintenance.…read more

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