Nuclear, Wind and Geothermal Energy

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Nuclear Reactors

  • The heat energy that is released from the nuclear fission of uranium is used to make steam
  • Nuclear energy is converted into heat energy
  • The steam then drives the turbines, turning the heat energy into kinetic energy
  • This movement creates electricity in the generator, converting the kinetic energy into electrical energy.


  • Nuclear reactors produce no greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming and climate change
  • There is also plenty of uranium left in the ground


  • It is expensive to set up and maintain a nuclear reactor
  • When it becomes old and inefficient, it will need to be decommissioned which is also expensive
  • It is also difficult to dispose of radioactive waste safely as there is always a risk of it leaking into the ground and lakes, which will harm the soil, plants and wildlife

Wind Energy

  • Lots of turbines are put in exposed places…


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