energy sources

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    • geothermal power stations
      • water is pumped underground and gains heat energy from the hot rock deep underground
    • coal, oil and gas fired power stations
      • the chemical energy in the fual is released by burning.
    • hydroelectric power station
      • the gravitaional potential energy of the falling water
    • solar cells
      • the light energy from the sun is transformed to electrical energy in the solar cell
    • solar power stations
      • the heat energy from the sun is concentrated by a series of curved mirrors
    • wave power
      • as the turbines come in , the water builds up behind the dam and gains gravitaional potantial energy.
    • tidal power
      • the water builds up behind the dam and gains gravitational potential energy
    • nuclear power
      • the nuclear energy stored in uranium-235 is released when the uranium nuclei split in a process called nuclear fission.


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