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Sleep Disorders

Sleep States

Biological Rhythms

Relationships : The formation breakdown and maintenance of romantic relationships
Relationships : The effects of early experiences and culture on adult relationships
Biological Rhythms

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Aggression psychological side
Aggression Biological Side
Relationships : reproductive behaviour

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Revision Checklist

Researcher Name/Theory Name/Information Keywords/Information
3 Bio Rhythms Circadian, Infradian, Ultradian
Endogenous Pacemaker/Exogenous Internal Body Clock/ External Time Giver
Abraham Melatonin Sparrows
Binkley Chickens, Dawn break
Superchiasmatic Nucleus Optic Chiasm, Nucleus, Internal body clock
Campbell Et al Light back of knees
Michel Siffre Cave Man, 6 Months

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Lee's Stage Model Dennis Eats nuts racing trees
Dissatisfaction Exposure Negotiation Resolution
Attempts Termination

Revision Sleep
People with severe brain trauma spent
more time in REM sleep
Restoration Theory ­ Oswald REM sleep is essential for restoration and
repair of the brain
NREM sleep vital importance for
restoration and…

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normal brain functions and cognitive
Optional Sleep ­ Lighter Stages of NREM
aren't essential
Depressives are deprived of REM sleep
(woken up in lab when they entered
REM) spend more time in REM
suggesting its vital for brain recovery
Sleep helps us conserve energy at times
when it would…

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Primary Insomnia Chronic Insomnia
No medical or psychological reason
Idiopathic insomnia ­ begins at childhood
and is lifelong
Is due to high levels of arousal at night

Vgontzas Et Al He found that insomniacs have increased ACTH
and cortisol which are associated with stress and
Winkleman Et Al Found…

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Seems to reflect from REM sleep while
Nacrolepsy Research Thannickal ­ he found that orexin producing cells
were reduced in people with narcolepsy.
Injecting orexin into areas of the brain increases
levels of REM
Mignot et al Looked at 16 identical twins with at least one
narcoleptic in each…

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Insecure infants rely on teachers for
interaction and emotional support
SET Children learn relationships skills from modelling,
observation and imitation
Russell And Finnie Observed Australian pre-school children
Popular children had mothers who
suggested social strategies
Neglected had mothers whom
encouraged their children to play with
toys and materials
Adolescent Teenagers…

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Rutter Et al Found children who had problematic
relationships with parents whom later had secure
and stable relationships
Culture A set of cognitions and practices that identify a
social group and can be distinguished from
Hofstede Analysed data on 100,000 Employee's in
50 different countries
Individualistic cultures aim for…

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