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· Read over the chapter so far again to
check that you fully understand Aristotle
and Aquinas' ideas. P.22 ­ 26…read more

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Topic 2: Natural Moral Law
L.O: Explain Aristotle's idea of Eudamonia
and purpose and how this influenced Aquinas.
KNOWLEDGE…read more

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Key Thinkers
· Aristotle · Thomas Aquinas
(384 ­ 322 BCE) (1225 ­ 1274)
Student of Plato Born in Sicily
Taught Alexander the Christian
Great. Fascinated by
Biologist Aristotle and built on
his ideas.
Tried to join faith and
intellect.…read more

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Natural Moral Law
What is natural moral law? (p.23) Take
notes summarising in your own words.
Natural Order that should be followed
from a supernatural power.
Absolute ­ humans need to use their
`reason' to reflect on the end (telos)
purpose and go about achieving it.
Genesis 1 ­ `Made in God's image'
NOT A FIXED LAW ­ using personal
reason.…read more

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Aristotle's Ideas
Item Purpose Supreme Good
(fulfilling purpose)
Bus Stop
Humans…read more

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Aristotle's Purpose of life
Eudaimonia = happiness ­ living well,
thriving and flourishing with others in
Reason is the true self of
every man, since it is
supreme and better
part...Reason is in the
highest sense, a man's
self. (Aristotle,
Nichomachean Ethics)…read more

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