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    • purpose
      • The idea that the rightness or wrongness of an act can be discovered by looking at whether or not the action agrees with human purpose
    • primary precepts
      • The fundamental principles of Natural Moral Law
    • natural law
      • the theory that an eternal, absolute moral law can be discovered by reason
    • intrinsically good
      • Something which is good in itself, without reference to the consequences
    • eternal law
      • the principles by which good in itself, without reference to the consequences
    • deontological ethics
      • an ethic which believes what is inherently right or wrong pays no regard to consequences
    • divine law
      • The Bible - this reflects the Eternal Law
    • apparent good
      • Something which seems to be good or the right thing to do but which does not fit the human ideal - flawed reasoning
    • absolutism
      • An objective moral rule that is always true in all situations and for everyone without exception
    • real good
      • The right thing to do it - it fits the human ideal
    • secondary precepts
      • These are worked out from the primary precepts


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