Natural Law

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  • Natural Moral Law
    • What is Natural Moral law
      • Natural order should be followed.
      • Is determined by supernatural power
      • Based on human reason
    • Origins of natural law
      • Aristotle considered everything has a purpose
        • Meaning of purpose
    • Laws
      • Eternal Law
        • The principles by which God made and controls the universe which are only fully known by God
      • Divine Law
        • The Bible - this reflects the eternal law
      • Natural law
        • The theory that an eternal absolute moral law can be discovered by reason
    • Natural inclinations
      • Precepts -laws
      • Apparent good
        • Something which seems to be good or right thing to do but which does not fit the perfect human ideal
      • Real good
        • The right thing to do -fits human ideal
      • Primary precepts
        • Always true and appplying to everybody without exception
      • Secondary precepts
        • dependent on our own judgements
    • strengths
      • clear cut
        • reason on human feelings
    • Weakness
      • hard to relate to complex decisions
  • The idea that the righ or wrong of an action can be discovered by looking at whether the action agrees with human purpose
    • Meaning of purpose


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