Absolutist and Relativist Morality.

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  • Absolutist and Relativist Morality.
    • Moral Absolutism
      • Absolutism: a rule that is true in all situations.
      • The ethical belief that there are absolute standards by which moral questions can be judged.
      • Certain actions are right or wrong, regardless of the context.
      • Actions are inherently moral or immoral.
      • Fundamental sources include: human nature, the will of God, laws of the universe.
      • Deontological
    • Moral Relativism
      • Relativism: a judgement that depends on the circumstances, there is no universal right or wrong.
      • Moral judgements are true or false only relative to some particular context.
      • Teleological.
    • Absolutist Theories:
      • Kant: Categorical Imperitive
      • Natural Law
    • Relativist Theories:
      • Situation Ethics.
    • Theories that can be either:
      • Utilitarianism
      • Virtue Ethics


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