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Muscular system…read more

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Types Muscle…read more

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Muscle Fibre Types
Type I Type IIa Type IIb
Slow Fast Fastest
contraction contraction contraction
Less force High force Highest force
produced and power and power
Good blood produced produced
supply Moderate High levels of
Lots amount ATP stored
myoglobin stored ATP No oxygen
and Uses oxygen used
mitochondria and glycogen
Resynthesises under both…read more

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Muscular Contractions
Task ­ Produce a table similar to the one below. Describe
each type of muscular
contraction used by the body, and give three examples of
where each one may
happen in the body during exercise. Make sure you indentify
the muscles that are
Isotonic Eccentric Isometric
Definition of contraction
Example 1.
Example 2.
Example 3.…read more

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Antagonistic Muscle Pairs
Agonist/ Prime Mover -
Antagonist -
Synergist -
Fixator -…read more

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