components of HRF and SRF explained

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Components of HRF and SRF explained
R Reaction time the time taken for a participant to react to a set stimulus.
S Speed distance travelled per unit of time.
P Power the time required to exert force over a given distance.
C Co- ordination where groups of muscles work harmoniously and bring about a synchronised
A Agility ability to change direction at speed, whilst maintaining balance and speed.
B Balance a state of equilibrium where the body is level.
B Body composition the distribution of fat, lean mass and muscle.
M Muscular endurance the ability to repeat muscle contractions for a long period of time
without fatigue.
M Muscular strength the maximum force exerted by a muscle or muscle group in a single
C Cardio-Respiratory the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to provide blood and
oxygen to working muscles during sustained exercise.
F Flexibility the amount of movement around a joint.


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