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Renata Taylor 11F
Aims and Hypothesis
My hypothesis is that `Young girls today have much higher career
aspirations than their mothers.'
My aim is to compare the aspiration differences women of the 20th century
and the younger generation of today. I will attempt to discover the different
factors encourage many girls to have higher career aspirations than their
mothers. In addition, I aim to explore other factors that encourage female
students to pursue higher education and think less of marriage/children.
Quantitative method
I am going to use a questionnaire survey as a quantitative method this
enables me to display using the data into graphs. I can then compare the
views of girls' aspirations with their mothers as well as the factors that
cause it.
This method is also advantage for my research because it is a valid
observation of girls' career aspirations of today. It would be a survey to give
the respondents some confidence in what they are writing.
I plan on displaying this information as a bar graph, pie chart and a line
graph. It would also be reliable because if another researcher went back
and did the same questionnaire, the results would be the same. One
disadvantage is that the survey population may not give enough data to be
Qualitative method
A successful investigation would need to involve a qualitative method, this
would be a semi structured interview that would give me an in depth
understanding of human behaviour. Therefore, this would give a better
piece of valid data.
The advantage of this would be more valid data.
Using qualitative and quantitative methods will make my research project
much stronger and reliable. As each method strengths and makes my
information more reliable. This is because qualitative methods are more
reliable as it gives a in-depth view of your research and quantitative method
is more valid.

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Renata Taylor 11F
Sampling method
I hope to achieve a sample size of 40 females (20 girls and 20 mothers) for
my questionnaire survey. I will use a quote sampling which allows me to
look for people that fit the description of my survey population until I can
get the correct amount of surveys that i need. An advantage for this is that i
can collect data from random people to give me different viewpoints.…read more


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