Sociology- The Family

The family are split up into different types- Nuclear, Reconstituted etc

There is the dark side of the family

Functionalists view on The Family

Marxists view on The Family

Feminist view on The Family

New Right view on The Family

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Family Types

Nuclear Family- Adult man and an adult woman and their dependant children

Gay/Same sex family - Children or child with parents of the same sex

Reconstituted/ Step Family- New Family made after a divorce which contains step parents and step children

Househould- Group of people living together e.g students

Horizontally Extended Family- When you have other relatives of same generation such as 2 sisters, their husbands and their children

Vertically Extended Family- Family of 3 generations living together

Single-Person Household- Someone who lives on their own

Creative Singlehood- Someone who chooses to be single

Lone Parent Family- Family made of child/children and one parent

Empty Nest Family - Originally Nuclear families but children have grown up and left home

Cohabiting Couple - Couple living together but not married

Modified Extended Family - When nuclear families may be living apart but maintain regular contact.

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