Sociological Interview Methods

Adavantages and disadvantages of some interview methods.

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Structured Interviews
Structured interviews are questionnaires that are delivered face to face or by the telephone. As with
any method of research they both have advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages of structured interviews:
The amount of background information it reveals.
All applicants/interviewees/ respondents are asked the same questions this minimizes variation
between interviews.
It's accurate and the data is easy to process, also it is valid.
Disadvantages of structured interviews:
Format of interview can make it difficult for researcher to examine complex issues and opinions.
Substantial amount of pre-planning is required
It is co-constructed meaning both the interviewer and interviewees shape the context of the
Interviewer bias may influence the way an interviewee responds to various questions - biased
It is also very time consuming.
Advantages of telephone interviewing:
It is quicker and cheaper.
No travel is required.
It's easier to monitor/evaluate
Reduces interviewer effect: no non-verbal clues.
Disadvantages of telephone interviewing:
Limited opportunities for respondents to express their own views and opinions.
Methods used in structured interviews:
Interview questions are standardized. Each interviewee responds to the same questions, asked in
exactly the same way.
The researcher is able to measure the strengths of a connection between different factors they

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The interviewers are trained in interviewing techniques and are familiar with the interviewers
schedule; they will be able to clarify any misunderstandings.
Where can it be used?
Pilot studies
Job interviews
Qualitative and quantative studies
And as a methodology
Qualitative studies are based on the how much detail there is and the elaborate answers.
Quantative studies are anything that can be counted e.g.: Yes or no answers can be counted.…read more


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