Medicine Through Time - Key Points

heyy, i made this for the exam tomorrow, its just the main key points for each time period, i hope it helps :)

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Key Points


SUPER NATURAL Used trephining to remove evil spirits by drilling a hole into
the skull medicine man
NATURAL A natural remedy, which was usually a mixture of herbs this was
used on cuts or burns
Rituals and chants to cast away the evil spirits

They had…

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Used Greek ideas ­ took over Greek empire

Middle Ages

Surgery was very basic.
Used medicines to balance the humours
The surgeons used bloodletting to balance the humours
Church was in charge ­ held back medicine for years
They treated the sick in monasteries
Poor public health
More to…

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Spontaneous Generation

Edward Jenner

The smallpox vaccination people with cowpox never get small pox.
Chance ­ if people didn't have cowpox he wouldn't have been able to get
Scientific Experiment ­ Questioned and tested his ideas, recorded and made notes

Louis Pasteur

Germ Theory
Germs killed by heating

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It helped women have a better character if they had a painful childbirth.
Antiseptics Lister's character made him unpopular and so made his ideas
unpopular discovered it
People argued that antiseptics stopped the body's own defence mechanisms so it
was not used as different doctors got different results and it…


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