Medicine Through Time - Key Points

heyy, i made this for the exam tomorrow, its just the main key points for each time period, i hope it helps :)

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Key Points
SUPER NATURAL Used trephining to remove evil spirits by drilling a hole into
the skull medicine man
NATURAL A natural remedy, which was usually a mixture of herbs this was
used on cuts or burns
Rituals and chants to cast away the evil spirits
They had gods like Bes who they thought caused and cured diseases
Washing a lot and keeping themselves clean
Simple surgery and had anatomical and physiological knowledge about the human
Shaved their bodies to prevent lice
Needed your organs for afterlife for example the liver in the next life and so these
were taken out of the body and preserved.
Natural theory about illness. ­ Theory of Channels
Close examinations of patients
People often wore charms such as scarab beetles to ward off illness.
Writing meant that the Egyptians could write down their treatments.
they started to explain the world through Gods but they gradually turned towards
natural explanations.
Natural methods Theory of the Four Humours.
In winter they noticed that the body was trying to get rid of phlegm, and in summer
people vomited more.
Asclepius the God of healing
Hippocrates came up with the clinical method of observation.
Hippocratic oath
They believed Asclepious the Greek God of healing would cure them in their sleep.
Galen is important because he was the person that most people followed in the
Middle Ages for their ideas about the human body and medicine
He developed the work of Hippocrates
The Theory of Opposites
Mistakes human jaws were made from two bones like animals.
Galen's ideas fitted with the beliefs of the church
The importance of the heart and theories about the blood.
He carried out experiments the nervous system worked. Experimented on pigs to
show that the brain was connected to the nervous system and that the nervous
system controlled movement and voice.
public health system
Clean water was provided by the aqueducts, reservoirs, and public baths.
They had a sewage disposal system in public toilets and sewers.

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Used Greek ideas ­ took over Greek empire
Middle Ages
Surgery was very basic.…read more

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Spontaneous Generation
Edward Jenner
The smallpox vaccination people with cowpox never get small pox.
Chance ­ if people didn't have cowpox he wouldn't have been able to get
Scientific Experiment ­ Questioned and tested his ideas, recorded and made notes
Louis Pasteur
Germ Theory
Germs killed by heating
Germs are invisible to the naked eye
Disproved Spontaneous generation
Chance helped Pasteur a lot.…read more

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It helped women have a better character if they had a painful childbirth.
Antiseptics Lister's character made him unpopular and so made his ideas
unpopular discovered it
People argued that antiseptics stopped the body's own defence mechanisms so it
was not used as different doctors got different results and it also affected the
surgeons hand and it was seen as an extreme measure.
Explain why it was possible to make advances in public health in 19th century
Pasteur's germ theory.…read more


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